CNN Ignites Internet War

A few days ago Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, posted a video on his twitter feed depicting him wrestling but with CNN imposed over his opponents face. Only 28 seconds long, it provoked an incredible amount of outrage from the mainstream media, being called an assault on democracy, assault on the press and said to be inciting violence against the press. With CNN being the media outlet chosen for the video, it is unsurprising that they were at the forefront of this rage.

It’s not shock that they was the target for the meme, for CNN has been one of the most ardent opponents of Donald Trump since the beginning. In their attempts to frequently smear Trump, and his supporters, they’ve become the vanguard , and ultimately the epitome of the “mainstream media”. It’s not just CNN however, for there are others such as the New York Times, Washington Post and other major media outlets, both traditional print and online, newspaper and cable.

The response from CNN, aside from claiming its an attack on the press, was to track down the origins of this video. In doing so they wished to locate the website, but most importantly the individual responsible. For if this individual corresponds to the caricature of the average Trump supporter –  racist, anti-Semitic and bigoted – then they can reinforce in peoples minds that this isn’t a fiction but reality. Thanks to the culture of unapologetic “shitposting”, the investigation bore fruits. They found the video posted on Reddit by a user the name of HanAssholeSolo, but that wasn’t the only inflammatory post. Though the posts have since been deleted, CNN claim to have seen posts by the user claiming to be anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and racist. A lengthy statement of apology has been issued.

What really however, and has caused the most uproar in the back draft, isn’t the investigation or the post itself, but the fact that CNN, a media giant, effectively threatened to expose this users real identity. The rumour going around right-wing communities is that the user in question is only 15 years old too. So the idea that some poor kid, who just posted some edgy comments and a funny meme on the internet, could potentially have his life threatened because of CNN is seen as a step too far.

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An image which has been making the rounds this morning, circulating on social media is a post captured by someone on the infamous shitposting hotbed 4chan. Simply put, it is a call to arms. Calling on the veterans of previous conflicts they see this threat, this blackmailing, as not just an attack on some Redditor, who were one of 4chans’ traditional enemies, but an attack on all of them. This rallying cry, this call to arms is the beginning of a struggle which will come to be seen one of the internets greatest moments, as bands of like minded anonymous individuals came together to fight the media giants of the day, who they see as liars, corrupt and only there to spin lies and deceit among the people to protect vested interests against interests of the people.

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CNN have ignited a war to which they can’t possibly hope to win, they might not have envisaged what would happen as a result of their investigation but the consequences are clear. All out meme warfare. The first missiles have already been launched in what has been called Operation: Autism Storm, with the supposed addresses of some of those who work for CNN, from hosts to political directors and senior media correspondents being leaked. Remember folks, these are the people who managed to find Shia Labeouf He Will Not Divide Us flag in a matter of three days, using flight patterns of plane trails in the sky, who found the cabin in Finland from which a livestream only shown the wall patterns, sifting through every single rent-able cabin and finding the corresponding location.


CNN have embroiled themselves in a war which they cannot possibly hope to win. It is unfathomable that the media juggernaut can withstand the unparalleled might of uncontrollable weaponized autism. Banded together they wield more power than anyone could possibly imagine. Unstoppable, unrelenting, unyielding they will never stop until the mainstream media is broken. This is going to be brutal and there will be no survivors.



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