The modern day Nazi propoghanda machine

Even after 70 years Hitlers ideals still thrive in the seedy underbelly of the internet


The Nazi party and all its mainstream advocates may be gone, but the ideals which Hitler and his followers fought and died for lives on. In an unparalleled machine, powered by a few, whose sole purpose is to churn take in the disenfranchised and turn them into loyal foot soldiers of National Socialism. Unlike the tools of the past, radio and televisions, the dawn of the internet has given new opportunities for the proponents of Nazism to spread their message. In this piece I’ll be focusing predominantly on the visual media posted on YouTube rather than forums and National Socialist websites as they simply don’t have the same kind of power, the same kind of grasp on the viewer which videos have.

Full of speeches, footage from rallies, parades and combat they combine of form the perfect message. The awe-inspiring sights of crowds which stretch for miles, reveling in the moment and flying the Nazi flag with enthusiasm create a spell over the viewer, creating a stir of emotions within them, grabbing and drawing them in. Incredible and incomparable to anything else they are nothing more than the culmination of magnificence.

The speeches themselves are predominantly snippets from various speakers and events stitched together to form a cohesive message. Emphasizing the message it exists within a juxtaposition with the footage to maximize the strength of the message, showing unity and defiance against the enemies of international Jewry and Bolshevism. Together its almost hard to resist, the allure overwhelming.

In this you also witness firsthand the true oratory powers of Hitler. Often used as the benchmark to compare modern day public speakers to, usually right-wing, you begin to see what is actually a false comparison. I mean without hearing any of Hitlers speeches it might seem feasible but once you hear those deep and exhilarating vocal cords it becomes ever so certain that in reality no one can compare. One of the reasons for this is truly the power of belief, just as Alfred warns Bruce of how Bane is fueled by the power of belief in The Dark Knight Rises,  which cannot be underestimated.

For the lost and the damned these videos are a gateway into another world, way of thinking and way of life. The light in the darkness for those who feel betrayed by todays rotten world, it gives them a purpose, something to strive towards and direction on how things should be. Seeing the struggle against international Jewry and communists as a fight which still rages on, though the metal and steel have been exchanged for a war on the mind, heart and soul of a people.

It’s quite impressive that even now, after over 70 long years, Hitler and his ideals still find their way into fresh young minds, creating new foot soldiers for the National Socialist dream. The element of being taboo certainly plays a part in this, as when something is ridiculed and denounced at every turn there are those who seek the truth behind the veil of censorship and are enlightened by what they discover.

Here are a few examples:

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