The threat of a unified left

The string of protests which followed the election of a Conservative majority government in 2015, the Leave campaigns victory in the EU referendum and Trumps astonishing democratic coup in the Presidential election will now see the protest movements merge and transform into a unified conglomerate. Emboldened by the utter annihilation of the political centre ground in 2016, a unified left will not ignore the successes of the populist right, nor can it afford to.

With the implosion of neo-liberalism its followers have depleted drastically in number,  where hardly any remain, as a consequence it has taken the centre ground with it. Now voiceless, except for the likes of Tim Farron who fights valiantly to defend what little support they have, millions of voters are left without guidance, leaderless in the political wilderness. In this is an opportunity to draw in the lost and the dammed. In the form of offering a new calling, the left urges people resist, when ever they can and wherever they can, the perceived rights attacks on the freedom of movement between nations, workers rights, a racism, bigotry and misogyny by the right.

As the left seeks to increase its resistance to Trump the number of protests will intensify, not only in America but they have the potential to be global, as we have already seen. The catalyst for this are figures like Donald Trump which have given them something which they severely lacked, a public enemy. Before the enemy was the capitalist system, which exploited the workers, environment and loopholes in the system to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, these concepts are quite abstract and intangible. With Trump however he represents the physical embodiment of all they despise, now they can focus all their hatred towards him. This is similar to how the Alt-Right views George Soros, an enemy which they feel must be defeated at all costs.

The right ignores them at their peril. The once fractured left is uniting under a new cause, to resist the rise of the populist right and everything they stand for. While they will decry the protests as civil disobedience and the protesters nothing but a bunch of crybabies, they fail to see what this movement could become. For these protests represent radicalization of the masses, the new members spreading the message to those in their immediate circles, at universities, in the family and even the workplace, sowing the seeds of future resisters.

Whether this physical resistance will be able to combat the virtual meme machine which has been built up over the last few years by the supporters of right wing populists is yet to be seen.




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