One problem with democracy in the modern age

It’s no surprise that there are problems with democracy, just like any political system it has it downsides but it is closest system which allows the peoples voice to be heard while keeping it within a reasonably measured approach to practical government.

One of the biggest problems exists within the underbelly of democracy, which seems to be a modern phenomenon, is the lack of acceptability of the result from the side which loses. If you’ve ever used Facebook in the last year or so, you’ll have seen posts which have gone viral, railing against an important vote which took place. The post is always written by someone who was on the losing side of the vote, in this they raise up the thought that we don’t live in a true democracy (although it would be a great democracy if they won). In on viral image I saw recently one of the central points was how only a small part of the population voted for Brexit, comparing the percentage in a pie chart of the leave vote with various chunks of the population of the UK, such as those who didn’t vote and more importantly those who weren’t eligible which is completely ridiculous.

When we cast our ballot what we are essentially doing is signing an agreement to the terms and conditions of the system in which we cast them, accepting the political system for what it is, whatever its faults and the outcome. There’s nothing wrong in disagreeing with how the system works but the level of rejection of the system when things don’t go the way  people want is unparalleled. This isn’t the problem for me, its the fact the proponents of this idea are attempting to delegitimize the results. I mean no amount of viral posts, protests, false legal objections and more will be able to change what happened. . With Brexit its a bit different since it’s essentially a once in a generation vote but with major general elections its a bit foolish as it come around once every 4-5 years.

There’s no clear way to combat this but it does pose some pretty interesting problems for the future. The extreme polarization of politics, waves of discontent with the system and aggressive conformation bias are creating an undercurrent within democracy of immense pressure. It’s not certain that the system can survive in its current form if this continues but that’s another post for another time.


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