It’s time to eliminate the dredges in our Society

A few days ago there was a terrifying story which appeared in my newsfeed,the kind of story which infuriates me to my very core. The story was about a poor, young and innocent girl suffering years of abuse from a group of men from a traveling community in Shropshire.

Happening over a period of years these men systematically abused and violated her without consent. I know that in recent years there has been debates around the intricate and complex evaluation of what constitutes consent but in essence its pretty simple, no means no.  In this case it seems there was never any doubt that what happened was indeed rape, being trapped (she was in a van in some instances) in a situation with no way out but to give in to these predators ugly desires, when she tried to leave they locked the doors. There’s nothing she could feasibly do. She would face them again for for 4 long years.

All of this happened at such a precious time in life, during her teenage years. A time in life when one should be developing themselves, from personally to friendships. The very foundations of everything are being built as a setting for ones future; the who, what, why and where. Instead forced to suffer, alone and helpless. Instead to be forced into ordeals which no one should have to endure.

There is nothing but the feeling of intense disappointment in human nature and a burning sensation of immense hated.

For such men a lifetime rotting in a cell is insufficient. The death penalty must be used as a means to eliminate such vermin from our society, is it not the duty of the state to ensure that such animals, monsters and creatures of pure blackness are protected within the cage that is prison, for if we allow such violators of the innocent to live it sets a precedent that no matter what you do, you’ll always escape true justice. Rapists exists within the primordial cesspool existing within the lower dredges of society, they must be eliminated.


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