The fight against the media

For too long we have been separated by the ideological paradigm of the left and right, forced into confrontation to defend what we believe in and attack that which we deem to be abhorrent and against our very beliefs. With every event, such as migrant crisis, the EU referendum or even the idea of national identity, there comes the unequivocal opinions destined to drive divisions deeper, but on one front the fans of Corbyn are now beginning to understand the Kippers struggle. In what struggle could there ever be any connection which brings these completely opposing sides together?

The answer is simple, the struggle against the mainstream media. Anyone who operates outside the free market and liberal consensus is destined to face this cosy clique of newspapers, magazines and broadcasters. From daily smear stories in an attempt to belittle their opponents until eventually the general public view them as toxic, out of touch, stupid, bigoted or even as a terrorist sympathizer. All of this to ensure the views they harbour, so against what they believe in, don’t pose a threat or challenge.

For years Farage was a victim of this, and UKIP too. Every other day there would be stories of loony kippers with some view which could be spun as if it was a representation of the party as a whole. The personal attacks on Farage were abhorrent and vile, one which will always stick in my mind is in relation to Farage visiting Malta and sometime during one of the nights he stayed he was photographed walking a woman in crutches, the smear being that he slept with her, even if he is a happily married man. It was simply disgusting.

Now its Corbyns turn. From the moment he began to gain traction in the Labour leadership polls last year, after being given nominations for party leader to simply widen the debate, there has been an increasing amount of lies, deceit and scaremongering. There’s just nothing worse than this, it drags everything down into gutter politics and it helps no one.

Now the corbynistas know what its like to be in the line of fire, the character assassination one inevitably faces when taking on the establishment and all the hell that comes with it. Through this fight I hope that whatever differences we may have, there will be an understanding that the fight against the establishment, its media friends and unrelenting big business are the real enemies.



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