Happiness out of no where

For the past week, whenever I’ve been alone cooking food in the kitchen, I’ve been incredibly happy and I have absolutely no idea why. An incredibly joyous mood where there isn’t a care in the world. Spurred on by the catchy tunes of Sabatons latest album, The Last Stand which ironically is based around the theme of some of histories famous last stands, I’ve really enjoyed myself.

When the time comes to go do myself some dinner or tea I plonk my headphones on, close the curtains and doors so that I’m encased in my own little world. Especially necessary when I start to bust out the moves and pretend to sing along to the song.  It’s place of sanctity and comfort as the songs of honour, sacrifice and hardships blast themselves into my ears. All of a sudden I’m fixated on the music, totally blanking out the rest of the world (other than the food of course), a place where no fears or anxieties take hold. You could almost call it a safe space, a comfort zone.

It’s quite unique as there’s not really any other place which gives me this much pure comfort. Other than the place I go to fulfill my emotional needs when I go out for a walk. It’s very strange strange. Hopefully this rare event continues.


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