Is it really surprising the Alt-Right exists?

In a recent speech by the Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton she made a mention of the “anti-immigrant, racist and misogynist” politics of the Alt-Right. To which when she uttered the words, some legend in the background shouted “PEPE”, which you could say is the flagship meme of this new political grouping. And that’s exactly what embodies these people the most, memes (which are repeating contextualized images or phrases, usually with the intent of creating humour or inflammatory feelings). The reason for this being the group is primarily based on the internet, embodied with internet culture and with no foundations in the physical realm so to speak. So why have the garnered such attention over past weeks, enough to be mentioned in a speech by Hillary?

The answer is simple, it is because they are ardent Trump supporters, and to them he is their idol, their savior who crusades against the establishment, cleaving his way through the mud and blood of gun barrel politics to deliver America to greatness. Called “Trumps’shock Troops” by the BBC, these are the inflammatory shitposters that revel in the tears of their enemies. Posting from dedicated meme pages whose primary theme is the supremacy of Trump over his foes, the strength of his wall and his strong rhetoric. Anything and everything is meme potential, there’s no places the alt-right won’t go.

What’s really surprising about the alt-right is the reaction, yet more labels and insults from their opponents in an attempt to belittle them and their ideals. It’s for reasons like this which is why the alt-right came into existence in the first place. Primarily male, is it any wonder that a section of the male population is in a state of rebellion against liberal overloads and the conservative establishment? While they see the leaders of the Republican movement as having betrayed the core values of conservatism, the liberals are the ones which are received with scornful contempt.

For years they feel it has been implied that they themselves have been a problem within society, that the white male is the enemy and its dominance has ended.  And in an attempt to rectify the so called oppression which the white male has inflicted upon minorities, women and blacks through an overreaching dominance in the political sphere, academic sphere, the workplace, the home and in the military they have became the target of positive discrimination in which the white male is set aside, simply for existing in favour of the aforementioned  groups of people.

Did the visionaries who thought up these ingenious policies expect the entire white male population to simply lie down and accept this? who knows, but clearly a rebellion is aflame and at the forefront of inspiration for this moment they see their hero, Donald Trump, as the one to change their fortunes.


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