What a Time to be alive

Today was a very peculiar day, very unique and different from the norm. For today I witness a wedding, but not your average lovey dovey, over the top disaster on the finances. No, today was a wedding in which the humans were replaced by pets, the bride and groom swapped out for a couple of cats and the onlookers a few sausage dogs and their respective human masters. This was not the only strange event today for I was to go clothes shopping, in which I had no choice in the matter, safe to say it was a a bit awkward but hey I got some cool sun glasses out of it.

Not going to lie and say I didn’t enjoy the wedding, because I certainly did. I mean attempting to put a leash on a dog is hard enough some days, never mind clothing them in the appropriate attire for the occasion. Watching them try to preform the ceremony was quite hilarious too as the groom was more interested in the veil being used as a backdrop and the bride did nothing but attempt to escape (a somewhat accurate representation of real life arranged marriages too surprising). Eventually everything fell into place, the cats stayed still long enough for the vows to be read out and afterwards the bride decided to attack the groom instead of attempting another escape.  The dogs, who were the witnesses to this event, looked miserable as if they were attending a funeral rather than a wedding, although the argument could me made that they witnessed a funeral for what would be my final attempt to understand the female psyche before the part of my brain which processed the information decided to implode and erase itself from history.

Fair to say I had a good day, although the night was upset by some emotional trauma, but the explanation of that is for another time.


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