Mistakes were made

Today so far has seen a few mistakes, while they might seem little, the cause and effect multiplied the magnitude of each one emotionally.

The first one wasn’t really my mistake but it certainly did start the whole process. So I go down stairs to make some food, put some garlic bread in the over (usually takes around 18 minutes to cook) and after around 8 minutes I go put put some chips in the air fryer, lone behold there’s some mushrooms that someone forgot to take out after cooking them last night. If there’s one thing I’ve learned its that if the air fryer is not cleaned after cooking food like this, then my chips usually pick up the taste and its just not cool. So I wash it but by this time its too late for the chips to be ready in time to eat with the garlic bread.

My next mistake involved everyone’s favourite fast food outlet, McDonalnds. Giving that I have nothing to do today and I’m still hungry from my lackluster attempt to cook dinner at home I decide to go for a walk, usually I go down by the coast, grab some food from the Mcdonalds there and sit on a bench by the cliffs. When I went outside I realized how hot it was and couldn’t be bothered to walk 50 minutes in this heat so instead got the bus into town and was planning on getting the bus, then I realized it would just be easier to go to the one in town. How wrong I was.

Being me I completely forgot that the place gets busy at dinner time so it was packed tighter than a landing craft full of American soldiers heading towards Omaha Beach. I mean, when I arrived it wasn’t that bad but as soon as I got in the queue that’s when it all went down. Got served and ordered myself a totally plain big mac with no cheese to take out, because apparently saying totally plain isn’t enough. After around 8 minutes of waiting I got my food and headed out. Ate my fries first because that’s just what you do. Moved onto the burger and there we go, came with everything but the cheese. Safe to say the struggle was real. While it was most likely my fault as when a worker shouted out my order she only mentioned no cheese, I probably should have checked to make sure that that it was my order before taking it, but the place was packed and at the time I’d rather just evacuate the premises than deal with other humans.

The bus journey home was a good all round feels trip as they normally are. Unfortunately for me I’ve had my music on so loud for so long that it just wasn’t enough anymore and was already at max volume so couldn’t go any higher either.

Such is life in spergville, nothings ever simple.



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