Fight Club

The first rule of Fight Club, you never talk about Fight Club.

Well, guess rules were meant to be broken anyway. After hearing the fight club memes referring to the first rule and consistently seeing Fight Club appear on those top 10 video series on YouTube I thought I’d give it a watch. Safe to say it was a bit of a strange film given it consisted of clear psychotic disorders, complete and utter attention seeking and apparent acts of terrorism against credit card companies to free everyone from debt. I mean, there was nothing particularly mind blowing about the film, but none the less I enjoyed it.

There was a point where I thought it was trying to spread a message to the viewers, be yourself. When I mean be yourself, it wasn’t about just doing what you feel like, it was about removing the layers of identity and personality such as the clothes one wears, the job your have or the amount of money in your bank. It was all about taking it back to what really matters, whats inside. Bit of an unexpected anti-consumerist and individualist message in a film about a fight club, which then turned itself into a terrorist cell? Thats something.

Another thing I enjoyed wasn’t the twist near the end of the film where it turns out the main characters (who’s name I don’t think is ever mentioned) friend (Tyler) was actually just his imaginary friend, a mental manifestation of all the things he wanted to be but couldn’t. Presumably Tyler was created as a representation of all the failings that the main character thought of himself but couldn’t be because of the psychological barriers built up over the years, to fit in to a world where he must accept the social constructs put upon him by society under the guise of realism. Again strange, never expected this from the film at all.

Overall it is a reasonably enjoyably film, nothing special about it but nothing terrible either. Just good another good performance from Brad Pitt.


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