Conspiracy: Harambe meets Godzilla?

This weekend saw the release of the new stand alone set in Magic: The Gathering called Conspiracy: Take the Crown. The sequel to 2014’s Conspiracy. The difference with these sets from normal releases is that they were designed to be played in a multiplayer draft format, with mechanics which would add many different ways to make the drafting part of the event more interesting and increase the fun (now fun depends on who you draft with).

Luckily for me at my Local Gaming Store (LGS) the fun is all around thanks to a guy who I knew from way back, both meme enthusiasts and with a similar sense of humour it was easy to achieve. One such even was the resurrection of the god king of memes Harambe. A new card in the set (where the art was literally a gorilla with tusks and wings) is drafted face up, and gives you the ability to remove a card from the draft, giving most keywords in magic to Harambe. So as I was next to the guy I would look at what was left in the pack and ensured he would receive another keyword for Harambe, letting out a snigger as I passed to which the reaction when he saw what I passed him was always a good laugh and announcement that Harambe was only growing stronger. In a great twists of fate the irony was that every time he was cast, something would happen within a few turns which would kill him and he would call us the worst zookeepers in history.

Even after the drafting stage was completed and decks were built, the fun was only just beginning. For next comes the politics of multiplayer games. Who do I attack? When do I attack? do I kill this monstrous creature now or do I wait for him to attack me with it and let it run rampant on my opponents? always the fun of multiplayer, unique and fulfilling. Oh and to add pop culture reference to the mix, casting Subterranean Tremors where X = 8 and proclaiming Godzilla has arrived (when you cast where X = 8 or more you get an 8/8 lizard token which looks a lot like Godzilla) while wrathing the board is quite fun.

Overall an incredibly enjoyable weekend.


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